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Vinařství Stapleton&Springer



Locations Ctvrte and Trkmanska represented first part of this year's harvest. Laboratory values are very good, even exceptional. Extracts (non-sugar) 30-35 g/l show high qualities. Location Terasy came second this year. these mostly young vineyards suffered from aridity. Early September brought rain, and in 3 days we had 100mm/m2 of rainfall. The grapes started to crack, so we had to select only the quality grapes for processing in our cellar. This year we had a big problem with fallow deers, who almost "masacred" our Terasy. We tried to get rid of them, but didn't succeed. Especially this long and dry summer the deers were thirsty and hungry, so they even walked into unriped grapes.

Overall the vintage 2018 makes us proud. Quantity is rather low, however the quality suggests vintage of the decade, let's see.

Now we need to clean up and then in calm "thinking mode".

Sincere thanks you to whole our team, who really worked to the limit!


We have harvested Chardonnay from areas Čtvrtě, Bratáčky and today we will complete Záhřebenské. The must has fabulous taste of ripe mango and we cannot wait for the young wine. We want Chardonnay vintage 2018 to be elegant and have lower alcohol. The latter is solved by harvesting in mid-August, which is unheard of even for the doyens of Boretice. And our craftsmanship nd experience will add the elegance :-)

The harvest will continue in next weeks and we extend our thanks to all who came and will come to help us do what we love.


ROUČÍ The Best of 2016 IS IN BOTTLES

Today we have bottled Roučí The Best of 2016 in our archive cellar. We have carefully picked 33 barriques Francois Freres for limited 2880 bottles of Roučí. This means that approximately one third of the wine fulfilled our idea of top "old school" Pinot Noir.

We put this ROUČÍ in a special bottles. Tomorrow they will be carefully placed in our brick boxes and we let them age. Probably Christmax of 2018 will be the time to release first lot. We cannot wait...


Aneta and Jakub presented our wines in ROOTS restaurant in Vienna. Degustation was for invited guests. We cooperate with Adam over a one year now, and we are looking forward to our future common succes.


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