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THE YOUNG VINEYARDS OF CHARDONNAY AND PINOT NOIRThere have been a plenty of chemicals used around us these days. That is why I´m so proud that we apply organic way to look after our vineyards. We hoe grass manually, and Jirka as Jirka Janulik has repaired our swivel (plough) section, we manage to look after the older vineyards using the mechanics. There is a big dry time these days, so when I see a grassed vineyard, it misses nutrients and water. I hope the rain will come eventually. Deer and hares eat the shoots, but we have got used to it over the years.

It seems that people like our wine we have been creating over the last years, and the number of those who appreciate our sensitive approach and care has been growing. And that is why. Cheers!

Note: Info for those who would like to get Chardonnay and Blanc de Pinot Noir - it´s coming soon!




The wine encourages thinking. I had a glass of wine before as we went to scare the deer and rabbits this morning. They like our young fresh growing vines very much :-) Isn´t it too early for a glass of wine? No, it isn´t!

But back to the topic. Hoening our vineyards every morning during this period of time (and we coerce even our visitors  - wine lovers to do so), we keep thinking about "living soil". The majority select chemicals. We think of our children, they will be cleverer than "the majority" and they will appreciate our ambitions and effort. More, as our friend, movie director Chlumsky says: "the work has turned monkey to become a man, and you proves it", and the hoe helps to structure thoughts even with calluse. So, cheers! You should definitely taste our Blanc de Pinot noir 2014 - "thick bottle" :-)

Note: These of you, who don´t know what I´m just talking about, I´m sorry.


Happy Easter! Veselé Velikonoce! Joyeux Paques!

Peace on Earth to men of good will...


We have been trying to develop and maintain a balanced ecological system over many years. We have planted not only grapevines but other fruit trees as well at the terroir of Terasy. We brought hive (several bee colonies) yesterday and we will look after them. We might even get some honey, too :-)

Well, one more week of Lent and the Easter is here.

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