Vinařství Stapleton&Springer
Vinařství Stapleton&Springer



On Saturday, Feb 21 we bottled one cask of organic Blanc de Pinot Noir 2014. 15 friends came to help. All of them worked hard, so we tasted the vintages 2003, 2004, 1999, 2009 in our Archive wine cellar in the evening. The wines of the older vineyards, made from the perfectly matured grapes (highest quality standard), were in a good shape and we did enjoyed them. Note: We haven´t got a single bottle of 1971 vineyard of Saint Laurent left. Well, we have to wait when the young St. Laurent gets down and gives us a decent harvest, eventually...maybe this year.

The next activity we plan to do with wine lovers will be: RE-CORKAGE OF THE OLDER VINTAGES IN THE ARCHIVE WINE CELLAR AND TYING THE VINES.

Well, No pain, No gain, and we´re really looking forward to see you again...Cheers!